1. Financing of training of higher education applicants is carried out: – at the expense of state budget expenditures (state order) (table 11 and table 1 of appendix 2 of the Western Donbass Institute); – for the funds of individuals and/or legal entities.

2. Citizens of Ukraine have the right to obtain higher education free of charge at the Academy on a competitive basis in accordance with the standards of higher education, if a citizen obtains a certain degree of higher education for the first time at the expense of the state and local budget.

3. The Academy determines the volume of acceptance for the funds of individuals and/or legal entities for open tenders within the limits of the difference between the licensed volume, taking into account its division by forms of education and the maximum (total) volume of the state a6o regional order. This volume may be adjusted taking into account the actual execution of the state order. The volume of acceptance for non-budgetary tenders is determined within the limits of the licensed volume.

4. Persons studying in institutions of higher education have the right to study simultaneously in several educational programs, as well as in several institutions of higher education. Simultaneous education in two or more specialties (specializations, subject specialties, educational programs, levels, degrees, forms of education) is not allowed at the expense of the state and local budgets, except in cases of combining industries, specialties, specializations (subject specialties) in one educational program, a6o obtaining a master’s degree in medical, pharmaceutical a6o veterinary fields on the basis of a complete general secondary education a6o educational qualification level of a junior specialist, which is considered to be a simultaneous acquisition of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

5. Entrants are admitted to the competitive selection for places of state (regional) order and can be recommended and transferred to such places if they have a competitive score of at least 125,000. The restriction on the transfer to vacant positions of the state (regional) order does not apply to the persons specified in Clause 7 of Section VII of these Rules.

6. Admission of entrants by state a6o regional order to obtain a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree by correspondence form of obtaining education in specialties 081 “Law” will not be held in 2022.

7. Quota-1 is determined by the Academy within ten percent (but not less than one place) of the maximum (total) volume of the state a6o regional order based on open competitive offers.