Admission rules for 2022:

I. General provisions

II. Requirements for the level of education of entrants

III. Financing of specialist training

IV. Deadlines for receiving applications and documents, entrance exams, competitive selection and enrollment

V. The procedure for receiving applications and documents for participation in the competitive selection to the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

VI. Organization and conduct of the competition

VII. Special conditions for participation in competitive selection for higher education

VIII. Formation and publication of the ranked list of entrants

IX. Implementation of the right of entrants to choose a place of study

X. Adjustment of the list of recommended for enrollment

XI. Transfer to vacant places of state (regional) order of persons who are enrolled in studies at the expense of individuals and legal entities

XII. Enrollment order, additional competition

XIII. Peculiarities of admission and training of foreigners and stateless persons

XIV. Ensuring openness and transparency in admission to the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Rules of admission to PJSC “Maup University” in 2022

RULES FOR ADMISSION to graduate school for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy

RULES FOR ADMISSION to doctoral studies for obtaining the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences



Possibility of admission without external examination:

If for any reason you did not pass the external examination or scored insufficient points for admission, you still have the opportunity to enter a higher educational institution.

The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management always relies on innovative solutions, so we have created a convenient portal for online admission to higher education institutions for any form of education, with or without higher education certificates.

In order to get a higher education at MAUP, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Go to the website
  • Get acquainted with the current copy of the contract regarding the desired level of education
  • If you agree with the conditions set out in the contract, fill out and send us an application for admission. It will be necessary to specify certain personal information: passport data, identification code, contact information, data on your previous education. At this stage, you choose your future specialty and unit of MAUP, as well as find out the cost of education.
  • After we process your application, you will receive an email with its confirmation. Confirm your intention to take part in the entrance tests within 7 days by sending the corresponding “Letter-Answer”.
  • Make an advance payment within 7 days using the details specified in the application confirmation and receive a 20% discount on training.
  • Successfully pass the entrance exams.
  • Make the first tuition payment if the prepayment is not enough to make the payment.
  • Congratulations! You have become a student!

Correspondence and distance learning at bachelor’s and master’s degrees at MAUP will allow you to combine education with personal life, work and hobbies. After successfully completing your studies, you will receive a Ukrainian bachelor’s or master’s degree.

In addition, MAUP provides the opportunity to pay for tuition at any time convenient for you up to the first session, and a 20% discount is provided for any amount of advance payment made within seven days.

You can take advantage of a 20% discount on quality European education only until July 30. You don’t need to drive or go to the Open Day – for your safety and comfort, we have transferred all admission procedures into a convenient online format.

Go to the site, fill out an application for admission, get a discount, learn and build your successful future!

Please, if you have any difficulties or questions, contact the MAUP Admissions Committee. We will provide you with the necessary assistance and advice.

Phone number of the admissions committee:

067 758 000 2
098 763 777 8
(0536) 75-88-58